What makes Totes Babies safe for your baby?

We took product development, patenting, and going on Shark Tank seriously. So you can bet we took our safety testing seriously too! What makes Totes Babies safe you ask? Well...
Look at that stamp of approval! 
Let's talk about what that entails. 

" Federal law requires that every children's product be tested by a third party, CPSC-accepted laboratory for compliance with the applicable federal children's product safety requirements."

During these tests, the components, structure and materials are tested vigorously and periodically.

Our Totes Babies car seat carrier is rated to carry up to 75 pounds. On average car seat aged children are approximately 23-25 pounds and under while car seats tend to only be up to 15 pounds in weight. So you do not need to worry unless you have a world record holding heavy weight babe.

The canvas material is thick and double stitched in a secure way around strong metal braces that have strong rubberised brackets that stay securely on the edges of your cart or wagon. There is also an additional security nylon strap that you can clip over the sides of the car seat.

As you can see, we put quality into the design and materials of this creation to help you and your family shop easier with your baby!

All information regarding product testing can be found here.