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As parents, there are few things we value more than the safety of our children. But do you know what else we value? Our sanity.



 We take pride in the safety of our product, as peace of mind as a parent is priceless and necessary no matter the task at hand. Now, your shopping experience will be as stress-free as possible. Did your sweet baby fall asleep on the way to the store? The last thing you want to do is abruptly wake him/her up once you pull into your parking spot. When you use our product, your baby can stay safely snuggled in while you get all of your shopping done. All you have to do is attach the Totes Babies car seat carrier to your cart with the 4 arm grips, place the car seat into the Totes Babies carrier, strap the baby into the carrier with the safety straps and shop away!


Rest assured that you can trust Totes Babies to keep your child safe. We wanted parents to be able to undoubtedly trust the safety of our product, so we went through the process of getting extensive safety testing.


Our car seat carrier is able to hold the weight of your baby regardless if he/she is a newborn or in his/her final days in a car seat. Our product is designed and weight-tested to safely hold up to 75 pounds of weight.


The adjust-ability of our product is another reason it is so safe. We know that there is not a universal car seat that parents use, so the material can hold whatever car seat model you have. The safety strap is adjustable, so it will fit on most carts that you use. The material itself is strong and holds up well over a long period of time. The cart grips are secure and have rubber inserts to ensure they don’t slip around while you are shopping.

Shopping with your baby just got a lot easier! We hope you love our car seat carrier as much as we do.